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Financial Literacy

Giant Steps has designed several units of work and support resources to teach students with autism financial literacy skills. These units of work are specifically tailored for students with limited basic numeracy skills and address a variety of functional skills necessary in daily living. These include understanding the value of money, transacting money within the community, saving and banking with financial institutions.

The units of work have been extensively implemented across a range of classes within the school catering for different age groups and abilities.  The integration of a variety of motivating and interactive resources ensured the overall success of the teaching and learning experiences.

The teaching documents and resources are individually tailored for our school setting and specific students but can be easily modified as templates and used by other teachers supporting students with high support needs.  The teaching documents are based on the Board of Studies NSW K-6 Curriculum and predominately cater for the Early Stage 1/Stage 1 Levels. Please find specific outcomes embedded in the program documents.

The materials provided below include: